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So much work goes into a project that comes to you as a finished song. There are many people to thank and acknowledge for their efforts in making this dream project into a reality.

First and foremost, thank you Hashem for all that He does for us and for helping this song work out so smoothly. Every piece fell into place for this song to turn out the way it did!

Eli Feuchtwanger, YY Wolman, Yaakov Turkel, Alter Leshkowitz, Ari Isaac, Eli Tress, Yehuda Katz, Yitz Elnadav, Meyer Lehrer, and all those who wanted to remain anonymous: You guys stepped up in a major way monetarily. Thank you so much! My original plan was to thank each of you with a personal line to show my appreciation but unfortunately I ran out of time. You guys are the best and I can’t thank you enough! Without you this obviously wouldn’t have happened.

Simcha Shapiro: Your voice sounded as great as ever! Thank you for giving this production everything you had! May you continue using the gift Hashem gave you to inspire others!

Zevi Leshkowitz: First time on a CA Production!! Zevi your voice is beautiful, and your vocals came out amazing! Thank you for lending your gorgeous voice to CA Productions! Hatzlacha rabba with everything!

Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. Leshkowitz: Thank you for being beyond accommodating and working with us to make this happen. Have a ton of Nachas!

Srebro Studios: What an amazing talent! You guys are true professionals and an absolute pleasure to work with! The song is absolutely stunning! It was amazing to watch how you brought the best out of the kids. Hashem should bench you with continued hatzlacha in all you do!

Avi Galinsky: Thank you so much for everything. Whether it was designing the cover, adding your amazing ideas, or anything else I needed during this process, you were there. Thank you so much! You truly deserve your title. (Iykyk)

Rabbi Newmark: Thank you so much for your generous support of CA Productions! Without your assistance this song would not have been possible.

Eli Serebrowski: Thank you for getting the song up and running on the website. Thank you for always being there when CA Productions needs you!

My Parents: There are no words to explain my thanks to you. Be it the generous contribution, the support you gave me throughout this project and all my other musical projects, for bending over backwards to do anything I need whenever I need it, and for always having my back no matter what. Like I said there really are no words and I could go on forever! Thank you!

As we all know, the story in this song is about an eighth grade boy who is trying to find the Mesivta that’s best for him. What we all have to remember however, is that the message of this song - being mekabel the words of our Rebbeim no matter what - really applies to every person at any stage of life. Young, old, and anything else in between. Although sometimes it’s hard and it seems like we know better, we have to keep in mind that by heeding the words of Daas Torah we will only gain and never lose. The formula is simple. Build a kesher with your Rebbi and Follow His Words!

Chesky Green

CA Productions

March 2023

Click here to download the song. Right-click, and click “Save As”. Camp Agudah Productions Presents: Follow His Words T.T.T.O: Yedid Nefesh (Dovy Brazil)

Produced By: CA Productions, 2023

Music Produced By: Dovid Yonasan Srebro - Srebro Studios

Vocals Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered By: Yerachmiel Srebro - Srebro Studios

Vocals By: Simcha Shapiro, Zevi Leshkowitz, Chesky Green

Backups Vocals By: Simcha Shapiro, Zevi Leshkowitz, Chesky Green

Lyrics By: Chesky Green

Cover Design By: Avi Galinsky

Hit Counter by Digits

Low 1

Sitting down now writing my thoughts not sure what to do inside I am torn Yitzy and I best of friends relationship I don't want to end

Low 2

Friends through the years in yeshiva end of eighth grade nearing us new chapter in life about to begin mesivta to choose where will I fit in


To be mekabel from your Rebbi listening to him the way to live so build a kesher never let go believe he knows best follow his words

Low 3

Yitzy decides where he will go the place for me now I know we'll be chavrusas I'll stick with my friends best of both worlds I'll have in the end

Low 4

Rebbi approached with serious face the place that you chose a big risk to take mesivta for you I do have where you'll grow I'm certain of that


To be mekabel from your Rebbi listening to him the way to live so build a kesher never let go believe he knows best follow his words

Low 5 

Stressed and confused with tears in my eyes turned on a shiur to help clear my mind Asay L'cha Rav the words I do hear connecting with him nothing compares

Low 6

Though I'm not sure but my mind is set found my Rebbi I'll do what he says Yeshiva he chose is better for me what lies ahead you'll guide me Rebbi


To be mekabel from your Rebbi listening to him the way to live so build a kesher never let go believe he knows best follow his words