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This song is based off the concept of “Bishvili Nivra Ha’olam”, “Because Of Me The World Was Created.”

When first thinking about the words they sound arrogant and haughty yet in reality it is one of the most important ma’amaros and lessons we could and should take to heart. There are 2 real impactful messages that come from this teaching. Hashem put each of us on this world to fulfill His command. Every action we do for Him whether it is putting on Tefillin, giving another smile, another Chesed, or learning another word is vital to the world’s further existence. Every action matters even if it seems like the same routine every day. Now, I can look around and say to myself “Well, everyone is doing similar actions every day that I am doing so what’s the point? I mean, why should I show up to Davening or to the Tehillim gathering or to Yeshiva? If 200 people are going there’s nothing I can add to this.” Now, think about it. That’s a very valid question. What difference will my action for him make? In fact, what am I doing here on this world if everyone is here to do the same thing, to accomplish His will?

Rather, it must mean that I am here to do something that this person cannot. But if we’re all here to do His will then we are all following the same path and same way of life so again we are all the same! We all have the same Torah so what does it matter if that person or I go in its ways and heed His command? He’s doing the job so why and what am I adding with my existence?

It must mean that I can achieve His will IN A WAY no one else can and NO ONE ELSE CAN ACCOMPLISH HIS WILL IN THE SAME WAY I CAN. If someone else can do His will the way I am able to then what am I doing here? Let him do it! It must be there is no one like me that has ever been, is, and will ever be in the world’s existence. I AM UNIQUE AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE! I am here to accomplish what Hashem wants in MY UNIQUE WAY.

So, remember, He DOES need you. He needs every action you do because you mean something and without your contribution in the way only you can do it, the world cannot move on. I am vital to this world. Without me, the world cannot continue. THE WORLD WAS CREATED FOR ME! When I smile at someone, only I can give over that smile in the special way I can. When I do something that seemingly seems the same as the person right next to me, remember that they are not doing it the same way I am. My way is different and my way is unique and special. We all mean something to Hashem. That’s why he placed us here.

This song is a Mashul of these lessons. A boy, Yoni, is having a conversation with a bird that is locked up. He cannot understand why the bird is so sad and doesn’t want to sing. The bird explains to him, Hashem created me and put me on this world. I am a bird and a bird’s essence is its wings. How can I utilize my wings if I am locked up? Yoni asks, I understand you want to and you are here to go out into the world and accomplish but look around, everything is moving on fine and the world is still revolving so what more can you accomplish? The bird answers that look! I can accomplish so much! Something over here, something over there! If I do not get out the world will be missing something and it is dependent on me to get those things done for the Aibishter. Yoni says, Ok I hear what you are saying, it is true that you need to go out to accomplish those things but if your essence and your talents is all in your wings, then what makes you different than every other bird?? You’re all the same! You’re all doing the same! The bird replies, Yoni watch when I leave and start soaring that my way of flight is different. My path towards these accomplishments and serving Him is different. My flight is unique. We may all seem and do the same but NO ONE CAN DO IT LIKE ME which makes what we all do COMPLETELY different! The world was created just for me because I am unique and completely different.

Remember, we are all here on this world to fulfill the Ribono Shel Olam’s word in the best way only we can do it. He needs every action of ours. Every single one of them.

But, most importantly, He needs you to be you.



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Lyrics Click here to download the song. Right-click, and click “Save As”. Camp Agudah Presents:  Green Team Theme Song 2015 Little Birdie  (TTTO: V’Ashiva - Shloime Kaufman-Emes, Benny Amar-Am Echad)

Produced By: Camp Agudah (DEG Productions)

Music Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Doni Gross @ DEGStudios

Drums: Avi Avidani

Keyboard: Doni Gross

Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Avi Singolda

Flute and Saxophone: Mark Fineberg


Vocals By: Michael Weingarten and Gavriel Ganger

Backup Vocals: Chaim Dovid Kasirer

Choir: Doni Gross, Chaim Dovid Kasirer, Chaim Fogel

Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By: Doni Gross @DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)


Original Song: V’Ashiva (Shloime Kaufman – Emes, Benny Amar – Am Echad)

Composed By: Shmuli Rosenberg


Originally sung in Camp Agudah Grandsing 2015

Lyrics By: Chaim Fogel


Thank you to Doni Gross who spent hours working on this for us always with a smile!

Thank you C.D. for joining us in this production using all your talents to their fullest! Maybe CA 2016?:)

Thank you Michael and Gavriel for coming to studio! You guys sound amazing!


This was almost 4 months in the making and we went all out for it as this is the last CA Production that I will be doing:) Thank you all for your contributions towards this project! The words were modified a little from the original version to bring out the message a little clearer. Special shout out to the Unattached Staff!